About Me

Systems and Networks engineer with over 20 years of IT and consulting experience.
I'm co-founder and technical team member at RPM S.r.l. developing and deploying IT infrastructure on a local scale.
Born as a LINUX man in the late 90′s I've started working with Virtualization technologies at their dawn until today mainly with VMware and KWM (and Hyper-V) today I work also on networking, security, cloud and consulting.

Keen music lover, Fly Fisher and mind traveller.

Father of two beautiful children.

Contact Details

Riccardo Riva
RPM S.r.l.
Via Lombardia, 7

42124 Reggio Emilia (RE)
RPM S.r.l.


During my IT career I gain a lot of experience and expertise in a lot of sectors and with a large number of brands and technologies. The following are the main ones to understand my level.
In my resume you should find all the certifications, both technical and commercial gained in the IT sector.

  • Virtualization
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Consultant and Planning